• Image of San Quinn: From a Boy to a Man (motion picture)

This film is what the West coast has been waiting on -- an honest look into the life of legendary emcee San Quinn. Barely 30, he has been putting out albums for OVER 15 years, has earned a place for himself in the Guinness Book of World Records, has successfully raised a family, and has still managed to stay relevant in the ever changing world of hip hop.

This film is part documentary part reality TV and delves into Quinn's complicated life as a rapper and husband as he battles addiction and takes care of his family at the same time. We follow Quinn all around the country as he rocks shows while the crowd chants every word. We go backstage with him and his son as he schools he youngster on the art of emceeing, teaching him how to get money with his God given talents. We even hit the strip club as Quinn blows off a little steam in Houston, Texas.

This film is a must have for anyone that supports West coast music. There has never before been anything like this.